Container regulations and price

Atlantic Airways accepts pets in the cabin, provided they are in IATA-approved transport container, and the maximum weight of pet and container does not exceed 8 kg.

The maximum size of a pet transport box is 43 x 31 x 20 cm. If the total weight of pet and container exceeds 8 kg, the pet will have to be checked in, and will be transported in the cargo hold.

Max. allowed size of pet containers in cargo hold:

Airbus 320: 150x70x70 cm.

Airbus 319: 150x70x70 cm. 

Bell 412: 82x59x65 cm.

Please note that we only transport up to 2 (two) live animals in the cargo hold each flight. 

Please check local regulations for pet transport.

Pets are always subject to approval from the airline before traveling. If traveling with pets, you need to make your reservation and request the pet transport through a travel agent or an Atlantic Airways sales office.