Nevndin í Atlantic Airways P/F

Niels Mortensen, Nevndarformaður, sitið í nevndini síðani mars 2013. Formaður síðani mars 2013

Kaj Johannesen, Næstformaður, sitið í nevndini síðani april 2009. Næstformaður síðani mai 2013 (Formaður januar-mars 2013, Næstformaður apríl 2009-desember 2012)

Laila Hentze, Nevndarlimur, sitið í nevndini síðani apríl 2014

Fróði Magnussen, Nevndarlimur, sitið í nevndini síðani apríl 2016

Hanna Svabo, Nevndarlimur (starvsfólkaumboð), sitið í nevndini síðani mai 2014

Janus Rein, Nevndarlimur (starvsfólkaumboð), sitið í nevndini síðani juni 2014 

Fleiri upplýsingar: 

Board of Directors.pdf

Reglugerð fyri nevnd:
Rules of the Board.pdf(89 KB) 

Uppgáva formansins

og næstformansins:

The role of the Chairman and the deputy chairman.pdf(26 KB)

Idealførleikar nevndarinnar:
Description of the ideal skills of the Board.pdf(25 KB)

Starvsfólkavaldir nevndarlimir:

Atlantic Airways's Board of Directors consists of 6 members. Two members are employee representatives, and the remaining four are elected by the general meeting.

Under Faroese law, the company's employees are entitled to elect a number of representatives from among themselves up to half of the number of members elected by the general meeting at the time when employee representatives elections is announced.

Pursuant to Faroese law, employee representatives serve on the Board for a four-year term and are elected separately by Atlantic Airways's employees. The current two employee representatives were elected in 2010.

All employees - except members of the Executive Board - may be elected employee representatives.

Legislation gives employee representatives the same rights, duties and responsibilities as the other Board members.