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Terms and Conditions Súlubonus

Membership conditions

Because of the new General Data Protection Regulation, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018, we have updated our membership conditions for Atlantic Airways' Súlubonus program. The update concerns the new section on processing your personal information.

In addition to the terms and conditions of these rules, provisions apply when you are a member of the Atlantic Airways bonus program, as mentioned below. Members of the bonus program have accepted these provisions upon registration.

1 Processing of your personal information

1.1 Atlantic Airways collects, uses and stores your personal data for the purpose of managing your Atlantic Airways membership, including registering your flights and ensuring that you receive bonus points for those trips as you are a member of the Atlantic Airways Súlubonus program.

1.2 Atlantic Airways' legitimate interests. Atlantic Airways processes the following information about you:

1.2.1 Contact information, including name, address, email, telephone number, etc. for the purpose of correspondence with you and ensuring that your bonus points can be identified.

1.3 Atlantic Airways is entitled to collect and process this personal data on you based on Atlantic Airways legitimate interests and it is estimated that Atlantic Airways interest in processing your personal information exceeds your interests. Atlantic Airways’ legitimate interests are as follows:

1.3.1 Contact information, including name, address, email, telephone number, etc. for the purpose of correspondence with you and ensuring that your bonus points can be identified.

1.4 Confidentiality and information about Atlantic Airways' processing of your information. All personal information will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose described above.

1.5 Your personal data will be stored with Atlantic Airways and can be accessed by Atlantic Airways group units worldwide, to the necessary extent.

1.6 Please note that the level of protection of personal data applicable and enforced in countries outside the European Union ("EU") does not meet the level of privacy protection applicable and enforced within the EU. Transfer of personal data between Atlantic Airways group entities will be based on the Commission's standard provisions adopted by Atlantic Airways. You may request a copy of the Commission's standard agreement between Atlantic Airways and Atlantic Airways group entities by contacting Atlantic Airways at [email protected]

1.7 Atlantic Airways uses third party providers that will access and process your personal information. If a third party provider processes your personal information outside of the EU / EEA, this will either be done on the basis of EU-US. Privacy Shield or Commission Standard Terms. You may request a copy of the agreement that governs the transfer of personal data by contacting Atlantic Airways at [email protected]

1.8 Your personal information will be stored as long as you are a member of Atlantic Airways' Súlubonus program. Your personal information will be deleted when you terminate your membership unless Atlantic Airways is required to keep your personal information for an extended period of time in accordance with applicable law.

1.9 On the basis of your personal information, Atlantic Airways will make automatic decisions about you to determine the bonus level, for example Sveiggj. These decisions are based on date of birth, study approval and earned Súlubonus points. Your bonus level is determined based on this information.

1.10 Your rights. You can get more information about the personal information that Atlantic Airways stores and treat you by contacting [email protected] In addition, you may also object to Atlantic Airways' processing of your personal information as well as request rectification or deletion of your personal information. If you wish to object to the processing of your personal information or if you wish to correct your personal information, please contact [email protected] with notice hereof. If you wish to complain about Atlantic Airways' processing of your personal information, you may contact the Data Protection Agency.

1.11 You may obtain a copy of your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format by contacting [email protected] If technically possible, you may request to transfer your personal information to another company or person acting as data controller.

2 Membership and membership card

2.1 A person may only have one membership in the bonus program. Associations and other legal entities cannot have a bonus profile.

2.2 Atlantic Airways owns the Súlubonus card. If the membership is terminated, the card must be returned to Atlantic Airways immediately or when Atlantic Airways requires it.

2.3 In cases of abuse of the membership, either directly or indirectly, e.g. if a member conducts himself in an inappropriate manner to Atlantic Airways, Atlantic Airways' affiliates, their employees or travellers, Atlantic Airways has the right to terminate the membership immediately and without notice. Earned unused bonus points and / or unused bonus tickets will expire.

2.4 Members may, by written notice and by submitting the Sulu card, require that all registered personal data be deleted in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

2.5 If you have created a youth profile on our website, there is no need to create a new profile as your bonus points will be transferred to your youth profile.

3 Awarded Súlubonus Points

3.1 Bonus points are only given for the flight routes on the Atlantic Airways route network. Bonus points are given only for the flight route and class ordered, paid and registered according to the ticket. This also applies to changes made by Atlantic Airways for technical or emergency reasons. Súlubonus-points are only given for trips made by a member. For purchased but unused tickets, no bonus points are given. Bonus Points will not be awarded if the trip is cancelled for reasons that Atlantic Airways or Atlantic Airways' affiliates have no influence over.

3.2 Only the travelling Súlubonus member can earn points in connection with a trip - no matter who booked/purchased or paid for the trip.

3.3 Awarded bonus points are personal and cannot be sold, redeemed, inherited or redeemed for compensation but may only be used for the purposes set by Atlantic Airways. Two or more people cannot pool their bonus points together, for example to reach a limit for a free trip.

3.4 Bonus Points must be used within 7 years from the date they are earned.

3.5 Atlantic Airways determines which ticket types receive bonus points. Atlantic Airways has the right to exclude ticket types and travel destinations from the bonus program.

3.6 In order to receive bonus points, the member must ensure that the bonus number has been added to the order before departure so that the points can be registered on the bonus profile.

3.7 Atlantic Airways determines how many bonus points are allocated for travel on the Atlantic Airways route network. This can be changed without notice. See more at atlantic.fo

3.8 It is possible to register your bonus points after your trip. This requires that you send your boarding card within 3 months after your trip to [email protected], after which Atlantic Airways will register your points in your profile.

4 Use of bonus points

4.1 Bonus points are personal. The following people in the same household can use bonus points, subject to acceptance by the member: spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner, and children under the age of 25. The mentioned persons may use bonus points, even if the member is not travelling with them.

4.2 Bonus tickets can be ordered on all routes on Atlantic Airways own route network. However, the number of bonus tickets is limited. Bonus Tickets for Bonus Points can be purchased directly on your bonus profile atlantic.fo.

4.3 With a bonus ticket, you can change your travel date, destination and name for a fee set by Atlantic Airways. Changes can be made up to 24 hours before departure.

4.4 We offer the opportunity to cancel an order within 24 hours from the purchase, and get the full amount (points + charges) refunded.

5 Membership levels

5.1 The bonus program has two levels. Basic level and gold level. If you earn more than 20,000 points in a year, you can be upgraded to gold level. Gold level has several advantages, which you can read more about on atlantic.fo

5.1.1 One year is 12 months from the date you signed up for the bonus program at atlantic.fo

5.1.2 If you are upgraded to Gold Level, the upgrade will apply for one year from the date you were upgraded. If you fail to earn enough bonus points (20,000) for the next 12 months while you are a gold member, you will be downgraded to regular member after the 12 months, and your gold level will be deactivated.

6 General Conditions

6.1 When you create a profile, you confirm that all information on the profile is correct and updated.

6.2 By creating a profile, you allow Atlantic Airways to send you information with news and offers.

6.3 Atlantic Airways may at any time change the conditions or eliminate the bonus program. If the Súlubonus program is abolished, earned bonus points can be used in the following three months after this has been announced. This, however, does not apply if the program is abolished due to changes in law, court decisions, orders from public authorities, changes in route systems or the like. In such cases, earned bonus points are cancelled without any form of compensation.

6.4 The relevant taxes, including travel tax, must be settled by each member.

6.5 Members are responsible for complying with applicable tax rules and other rules that are relevant to participation in the Atlantic Airways bonus program.

6.6 Registration of children under the age of 18 is also confirmation that they have been granted permission from either parents or guardians.

7 Disagreements

All legal issues related to the Atlantic Airways bonus program are settled according to the Faroe Islands’ legal system.

8 Validity

8.1 The bonus program is valid as of March 28, 2017. All those who have created a profile are entitled to bonus points from this date.

8.2 To receive bonus points, you must have created a profile at atlantic.fo before the trip starts.

Please note!

Atlantic Airways maintains the reservation that printing errors can occur, and that changes may occur in connection with the bonus program.