Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions Súlubonus

Membership rules

These are the membership terms for Atlantic Airways’ Súlu reward system. In addition to the rules and conditions outlined in these terms, the rules of participation in Atlantic Airways’ Súlu system are valid as outlined below. Members of the Súlu system agree with these terms by signing up.

1.0 Membership and membership card

1.1 Each individual may only hold one membership in the Súlu reward system. Companies and other legal persons may not have a Súlu reward account.

1.2. The Súlu membership card is the property of Atlantic Airways. If the membership is resigned, the Súlu membership card must be returned at once, or when requested by Atlantic Airways.

1.3. In the event of a direct or indirect membership violation - including inappropriate behaviour by the member towards Atlantic Airways, partner companies of Atlantic Airways, staff or passengers  - Atlantic Airways reserves the right to terminate the membership immediately and without warning. Any unused Súlu points accumulated and/or unused Súlu travel tickets shall then be rendered invalid.

1.4. Members may at any time require that all registered information be deleted in accordance with appropriate and valid law, by providing a written notice and handing in their Súlu membership card.

1.5 If you already signed up for a youth-profile your Súlu points will be registred in this profile.

2.0 Accumulated Súlu points

2.1. Súlu points are only awarded for flights on Atlantic Airways’ route network. Súlu points are only awarded for the route and class that is booked, paid and registered with Atlantic Airways. This is also valid for changes made by Atlantic Airways due to technological or safety reasons. Súlu points are only awarded for trips made by the member. No Súlu points will be awarded for tickets that have been purchased but not used. No Súlu points will be awarded when trips are cancelled for reasons beyond the control of Atlantic Airways or Atlantic Airways’ partners.

2.2. Only the traveling member himself may be awarded Súlu points for tickets purchased. This remains the case no matter who paid for that, which has been purchased.

2.3. Accumulated Súlu points are personal and may not be sold, given, inherited or handed in for a refund. They may only be used for the purpose designated by Atlantic Airways. Two or more people may not add their Súlu points together for the purpose, for instance, of reaching the mark for a bonus trip.

2.4. Súlu points are valid seven years from the day awarded.  

2.5. Atlantic Airways may stipulate which ticket types may receive Súlu points. Atlantic Airways may exclude ticket types as well as travel destinations from the Súlu system.

2.6. To recieve Súlu points the customer must make sure that the membership number is included when booking tickets.

2.7. Atlantic Airways may stipulate how many Súlu points are awarded for each ticket. These can be changed without notice.

2.8. You can register Súlu points after your travel if you forgot to register beforehand. To do so you have to send a digital copy of your boarding pass to [email protected] and Atlantic Airways will register your points.

3.0 Use of Súlu points

3.1. Súlu points are personal. The following family members may however use Súlu points, under the condition that the member has consented to it beforehand: spouse, registered companion or cohabitee, as well as own children under the age of 25. The above mentioned family members may use Súlu points without being accompanied by the member.

3.2. Súlu tickets can be booked on all regular Atlantic Airways routes. The number of seats allocated for Súlu tickets is however limited. Súlu tickets can be purchased using your member profile or by calling Atlantic Airways’ Customer Service. 

3.3. You may change the date, destination and name on a Súlu tickets in exchange for a fee fixed by Atlantic Airways. Changes can be made until 24 hours before the travel begins.

3.4. We offer an option to cancel the booking with full refund within 24 hours of purchase.

3.5. Atlantic Airways may stipulate how many Súlu points are needed to buy a Súlu ticket for one of Atlantic Airways’ destinations. These can be changed without notice. More info to be found on atlantic.fo

4.0 Memberships

4.1 There are two kinds of memberships. Regular membership and gold membership. If you get more than 20.0000 Súlu points within a year you will be upgraded to gold member. This membership includes more advantages. More info to be found on atlantic.fo

4.1.2 One year is 12 months from the date you registrered your profile on atlantic.fo

4.1.3 When you have 20.000+ points you can be upgraded to gold membership. This upgrade is valid 12 months from the day you are upgraded. If you don’t earn 20.000+ points within the next 12 months, you will lose your gold membership automatically and become a regular member.

5.0 Official rules

5.1. When creating an account, you declare all registered information to be accurate and up to date.

5.2. By creating an account, you authorise Atlantic Airways to send you news and offers.

5.3. Atlantic airways may change the rules or discontinue the Súlu reward system at any time. If the Súlu system is discontinued, any accumulated Súlu points may be used within 3 months of the decision being made public. This is however not valid if the system is discontinued due to regulation change, a decision by a court of law, an ultimatum by public authorities, changes to the route network or similar. in such cases, all accumulated Súlu points shall be lost and no refund of any kind shall be granted.

5.4. All relevant taxes and charges, including travel costs, shall be covered by individual members.

5.5. As a participant in Atlantic Airways’ Súlu system, each member is responsible for upholding valid tax rules and other rules relevant to the Súlu system.

5.6. Persons younger than 18 years that sign up for Súlu bonus confirm that they have authorization from a parent or guardian to do so.

6.0 Disputes

All legal matters related to Atlantic Airways’ Súlu system shall be dealt with according to the legal system of the Faroe Islands.

7.0 Validity

7.1. Atlantic Airways’ Súlu system is valid from 28th of March 2017. Those who have registrered a profile on atlantic.fo bear the right to Súlu point from this date.

7.2 To recieve your Súlu point you need to have registrered on atlantic.fo before your trip begins.



Atlantic Airways is aware that misprints may happen, and reserves the right to make changes to the Súlu system.