FAQ Súlubonus

How do I become a member of Súlubonus?

You become a member on our website by clicking here and creating an account.

Where do I book a Súlu flight ticket?

You can book a Súlu flight ticket through your online account on atlantic.fo, by calling our customer service on 34 10 00 or by writing to [email protected].

Can I add Súlu points together; using, for instance, several Súlu membership cards?

No, accumulated Súlu points are personal and tied to the person who owns the Súlu membership card. Two or more people may therefore not add their Súlu points together.

How many Súlu points does a flight ticket cost?

You can see an outline here, showing how many Súlu points you need in order to get a return flight ticket.

What should I do if I did not receive any Súlu points on my outbound journey?

You can always see your Súlu points on your online Súlu account. If you have forgotten to register for Súlu points on your outbound journey, or if you booked your flight ticket outside of your account, you can contact our customer service by email on [email protected] or by calling +298 34 10 00. Please be aware that this is only valid for trips after 28 March 2017.

Can I purchase a Súlu flight ticket even though I don’t have enough Súlu points for a return flight ticket?

No, that is not possible.

Do all types of flight ticket grant points?

Yes, but the type of flight ticket you purchase dictates how many points you receive. You can see an outline here.

Do I receive points with YOUTH-tickets?

Of course, a return YOUTH ticket also entitles you to Súlu points. In this outline, you can see how many points you can receive for different flight ticket types.

How long are Súlu points valid for?

Súlupoints are valid for 7 years. 

Do I have to pay taxes and charges for a Súlu flight ticket?

Yes, taxes and charges must be paid for Súlu flight tickets  - and those amounts differ depending on the chosen travel destination.

Who can use my Súlu points?

Súlu points are personal. The following family members may however use Súlu points, under the condition that the member has consented to it beforehand: spouse, registered companion or cohabitee, as well as own children under the age of 25. The above mentioned family members may use Súlu points without being accompanied by the member.

Can I book Súlu flight tickets on Atlantic Airways’ entire route network?

Yes, on all normal routes, but not on charter planes.

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Are Súlu flight tickets always available?

A certain amount of Súlu flight tickets is available on most routes. These tickets may however sell out, it is therefore important to book ahead of time.

Can a Súlu flight ticket be changed?

Yes, Súlu flight tickets may be changed for a fee. It is possible to change the name, date and travel destination. Each change is subject to a fee. You can see an outline detailing changing fees here:

The name on the Súlu flight ticket may only be changed to that of a family member. That may be a spouse, a registered companion or cohabitee, or own children under the age of 25.

Is the right to cancel within 24 hours valid for Súlu flight tickets?

If you cancel your purchase within 24 hours, your points will be returned to you. It is however important that you contact us before 24 hours have passed in order to ensure your points are returned to you. You can contact us by calling our customer service on 34 10 00 or by writing to us on [email protected].

Are there several types of Súlu memberships?

Yes! The more points you accumulate, the better your membership becomes. That also means more benefits for you. If you accumulate 20.000 points within 365 days you are upgraded to Súlubonus Gold, which give you access to Fast-track and lounge in Copenhagen Airport. 

Can I exchange my Súlu flight ticket for a normal flight ticket?

No, if you need to change the date of travel on your Súlu flight ticket, for instance, there must be a Súlu flight ticket available on your new date of travel.