1,399 km2


Opening hours are from 0900 or 0930 to 1600, Monday to Friday with late closing at 1800 on Thursday.


"Tourist Guide Faroe Islands" is published in co-operation with the Faroe Islands Tourist Board.


Airport taxi 
You can reserve a taxi between the airport and any address in Tórshavn. Price is DKK 180 pr. person and reservation can be made on phone (+298) 36 36 36

You can reserve a taxi between the airport and Klaksvík with stop in Gøtu and Leirvík. Price is DKK. 250 pr. person and reservation can be made on phone (+298) 260606


The climate is oceanic with average temperatures of 3.2°C (January) and 10.8°C (July).


Warm clothes and raincoat are recommended. Also recommended are rubber boots or strong shoes with good soles.


Credit cards 
All major credit cards are accepted at larger hotels and shops. 


The danish krone and oyra are the units of currency. The Faroe Islands have their own bank notes in the denominations of 1.000/500/100/50 krones.


Customs regulations 
Travellers are referred to the general regulations set by the Customs Authority.



Faroese is a Nordic language, which is closely related to West Norwegian and Icelandic. Faroe Islanders are fluent in Danish, and most understand and speak English fairly well.



The Faroe Islands are tied to the Danish immigration policy. However, there are some differences in working, residing and visiting in the Faroe Islands compared to Denmark.

If you come from a:

A. Nordic country 

Citizens of the Nordic countries, with a passport from one of these countries, are not obliged to show a passport upon entry to the Faroe Islands, but must provide a document of identification that includes a picture.

B. EU-country and Schengen country

If you are a EUCITIZEN from one of these countries, you may enter with an ID card (which must include a picture). Note that it is NOT sufficient to only be a resident from one of these countries. You must be a citizen:

Czech Republic
Great Britain

All other EU citizens or residents must show a valid passport.


Visitors from SCHENGEN COUNTRIES must show a valid passport. A list over Schengen countries can be seen here.

The Faroe Islands are NOT part of Schengen. Consequently,  people cannot enter the Faroe Islands based on their Schengen visas or Danish visa. When a visa is applied for at the Danish Embassy, it must be specifically for the Faroe Islands.


The conditions for obtaining a visa for the Faroe Islands are similar to the conditions for obtaining a visa for Denmark.

A visa for Denmark does not give the holder the right to enter the Faroe Islands unless it is stated in the visa, just as a visa for the Faroe Islands does not give the holder the right to enter Denmark, if it is not stated in the visa. Visa is required for entering the Faroe Islands regardless of the person having a residence permit in Denmark. Correspondingly, a visa is required when entering Denmark, even though the person has a residence permit in the Faroe Islands.

Further information for foreigners living in Denmark, who wish to visit the Faroe Islands, can be found here.


C. Other countries

Visitors from countries outside the EU and Schengen area must hold a visa valid for up to three months, or a residence permit. The list of countries requiring visa for entering the Faroe Islands is the same as for Denmark and can be seen here.


Where to apply for visa

Contact the Royal Danish Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence for further information.

A list of Danish Embassies and Consulates around the world can be viewed here.



Post offices 
Post offices are found in the larger villages. For more information go to


Road network 

The road network on the Faroe Islands consists of 600 km of good roads. Most roads have two lanes and are surfaced with asphalt. Of the 18 islands, 17 are connected either by bridge, tunnel, ferry or Atlantic Airways helicopter service.


Typical opening hours are from 0900 to 1700/1730 on Monday to Thursday and up to 1900 on Friday. Shops usually close at 1200/1400 on Saturday. However, opening hours may vary.


Faroese stamps are collectors items due to their high quality.


Tax-free shopping 
Tax-free goods are available at the airport on arrivale and on departure. 
IMPORTANT! Please note, when purchasing tax-free goods onboard, and transfering to other flights, remember to tick the appropriate box in the onboard order form, informing flight attendants to package your goods in sealed bag. Otherwise you will not be permitted to take the goods onboard other flights.


Passengers should ensure that names listed on tickets and other travel documents are the same as on their passports.


To make telephone calls to the Faroe Islands from the UK, dial 00 298 + the telephone number. From the Faroe Islands to the UK dial 00 44 + the telephone number (minus the initial 0).


Time difference 
The Faroe Islands are on GMT and are in the same time zone as the UK.


Transport in the Faroe Islands
Transport from/to the airport is not included in the price of the air ticket. Car ferries, passenger ferries, bus and helicopter services link the islands.


Travel insurance 
Please contact your travel agent for information on travel insurance.