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Improved EuroBonus

Atlantic Airways will from 1st of April 2015 improve the exclusive benefits and awards of the EuroBonus programme offered to its customers. One of these improvements imply that EuroBonus members will earn "Basic Points" when travelling with Atlantic Airways.

Travellers flying with Atlantic Airways will earn "Basic Points", which go towards strenghtening their EuroBonus membership, based on ticket type and travelling frequency (see table below). Depending on the amount of “Basic Points” you earn, your membership can be upgraded to either Silver-, Gold- or Diamond level.

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Travellers can spend points on e.g. award flights with Atlantic Airways, SAS or other Star Alliance members – and from April 1st one-way award flights can also be booked with Atlantic Airways. 

As a new benefit, travellers with Atlantic Airways, holding a EuroBonus Gold card, will from the 1st of April 2015 be able to use the ”CPH Express Fast Track” in Copenhagen Airport - which is a faster way through the airport security check-point.

To learn more about e.g. how to enroll in the SAS EuroBonus programme, how you can earn and spend points, or for further information about benefits, please visit the link below.