Reduced Mobility

To ensure that you get the assistance you need on your trip, you have to order the ticket and the assistance at the same time and no later than 48 hours before departure. If you order later than that, we will do our best to help you. On this page you will find information about the various services that we offer to passengers with reduced mobility. Please read our terms and conditions.

Can I travel unaccompanied?

The vast majority of passengers with reduced mobility may travel unaccompanied with Atlantic Airways. To ensure safety for all passengers, including passengers with reduced mobility, and to avoid any evacuation is delayed, however, some of the travelers are required to have an assistant on the journey. This is a requirement in accordance with the exemption as described in (EC) 1107/2006 paragraph 4.2.

To travel without an assistant the traveler will need to be able to:

- loosen the seat belt

- put on a life jacket

- leave the seat and reach an emergency exit without assistance

- put on oxygen mask

- properly understand and comply with cabin crew safety instructions (either visually or verbally)

Special Assistance

An assistant or carer is the person responsible for the comfort and well-being of you during embarkation/disembarkation, your general safety during flight and necessary evacuation assistance. The assistant must be at least 18 years old and sit next to you.

The assistant cannot accompany more than one passenger and must travel on regular ticket.
Note! Our cabin crew cannot lift you from seat to a wheelchair, provide you with assistance in using the lavatories or administer/supervise your intake of medication. They can do simple preparations for a meal, but otherwise not help you with meals.

Recommendations for Passengers with Reduced Mobility
In order to give our passengers the best possible help and in accordance with EU Regulation 1107/2006, we must have information about your need for assistance at least 48 hours before departure so that we can inform those responsible at the airport on the need for necessary assistance.


Special requirements and information about the service offered

WCHC – Cabin

The passenger is completely immobile. Requires wheelchair to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down steps and to/from the cabin seat. It is required that the assistant is booked in the same reservation WCHC.

WCHS – Steps

Passenger cannot ascend/descend steps, but is able to move to/from cabin seat. Requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down the steps.

WCHR – Ramp

Passenger can ascend/descend steps and make own way to/from cabin seat without assistance. Requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft.

Visually/hearing impaired

To ensure that we are able to provide proper assistance, please inform us whether you are visually/hearing impaired. Atlantic Airways welcomes service dogs in the cabin at no additional charge. Let us know if you plan to travel with a service dog. Passengers who are blind as well as deaf must travel with an assistant.

Electric Wheelchair

Because of limited capacity, the passengers who want to travel with an electric wheelchair must buy the ticket and assistance through our Service Centre +298 34 10 00.

Electric wheelchairs with acidic or wet batteries must be sent as cargo.


If you require oxygen to and from your flight or onboard the flight itself, you can bring your own at no additional charge. Oxygen can be taken as checked baggage or cabin baggage.

When you bring your own oxygen, make a reservation before the flight and inform Atlantic Airways of the number of canisters you will carry.

The weight of the oxygen tanks cannot exceed 5 kg. The tank and any regulator must be shock-absorbent so that it cannot accidentally release the contents in case of impacts or shocks.

Note: Liquid oxygen is not allowed onboard aircraft.

Follow Service (MAAS)

We will do our best to offer this service to passengers with reduced mobility, which needs assistance at the airport and to the aircraft (e.g. Elderly passengers, passengers who rely on crutches and other passengers with reduced mobility). This assistance must be ordered through our service center.