Baggage Rules

Atlantic Airways always lets you travel with one piece checked baggage weighing up to 23kg  plus one piece of cabin baggage (maximum 8kg) for free. If you travel on a FLEX ticket you can bring up to two pieces of baggage up to 23 kg per piece. 

From January 1st, 2017, baggage allowances will be following:


1 x 23kg bag


1 x 23kg bag


2 x 23kg bags


1 x 23kg bag


Excess baggage as of January 1st, 2017

Extra 23kg bag

DKK 249

Weight 23.1 – 32 kg

DKK 199


How to pack your checked baggage

We recommend that you clearly mark all bags with the passenger’s name and telephone number. All baggage must be packed in such a way that it can withstand ordinary baggage handling. This means that your bag must be sturdy enough to resist contact with other bags on the baggage carrousel, as well as during on and offloading from the aircraft.

Passengers are responsible for preventing damage to the contents of their checked baggage by packing it carefully. In accordance with the Montreal Convention passengers are liable for any damage caused by the airline, if their baggage was not responsibly carried/packed, for example, if a bottle containing liquid should break in the baggage and cause damage to other baggage. Certain items are not acceptable in checked baggage. Please refer to the section on restricted and banned items.

Cabin baggage

Maximum dimensions: (55 x 40 x 25cm).  Weight: 8kg + a laptop bag

If the volume of cabin baggage exceeds on board capacity, we reserve the right to place part of the baggage in the aircraft hold. Excess or oversized cabin baggage may be weighed directly at check-in, labelled for the passenger’s destination and loaded in the hold with the checked baggage.

PLEASE NOTE: You should always carry medication in your cabin baggage, so that you have it with you in case your checked baggage is delayed.      

Checked baggage

We cannot accept individual baggage items over 32kg. This weight restriction does not apply to electric wheelchairs or certain types of special baggage, which cannot be disassembled. Examples include diving gear, large musical instruments and live animals travelling in the hold.

Restricted and banned items

Passengers are responsible for making sure that their baggage does not contain any items, which may threaten the integrity or security of the aircraft, persons or cargo on board the aircraft, such items include, but are not limited to, the items listed as dangerous goods in the International Air Transport Association – IATA Regulations. For further information in Danish about restricted and prohibited items, please visit


PLEASE NOTE: Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their cabin baggage is appropriately packed and does not contain any banned or restricted items.

Lithium batteries: Atlantic Airways complies with the IATA guidelines on transport of lithium batteries.

Please not that, for security reasons, passengers are not allowed to carry any Personal Movement Devices (PMD) containing lithium batteries (such as hoverboards, solowheels, segways etc.). These items must be shipped as freight.

The use of electronic cigarettes on board Atlantic Airways aircraft is strictly prohibited. These must remain packed in the cabin baggage throughout the entire journey. This also applies to electronic pipes and cigars.

Checked baggage

As there are limitations on the airline’s compensation liability in case of loss or damage to checked baggage, we recommend that passengers do not pack the following items in their checked baggage:

Valuables such as money, jewellery/precious stones, computers/computer equipment, gaming consoles, cameras/video cameras and mobile phones

Fragile objects (including, but not limited to, glass/bottles)

Easily perishable foods



Work documents


Medication or medical certificates

Prams/push chairs should be checked in like ordinary baggage.

Passengers travelling with children are allowed to bring a pram/push chair as checked baggage at no cost.

If it is possible to separate the pram/pushchair into two parts, you must always do so. Pack each part in a plastic bag or some other form of protection. We can offer special plastic bags at FAE airport for DKK 25.00. Please note that you may only pack prams/push chairs in these bags.

Car seats for infants (aged 0 to 2)

If you would like to bring a car seat into the cabin, you must book a child ticket for your infant and will have to pay the same ticket price as for children aged 2-11. The car seat may be forward or backward facing and it must be fastened in the seat next to you. In order to book a seat for child car seat, please contact our Customer Service Centre at +298 341000.

If you want to check your car seat in it is free of charge.


Our best advice is to pack your bicycle in a protective bike travel bag/case. No pre-registration is required! If you choose to travel without a bike travel bag, please fix the handlebars sideways, remove the pedals and deflate the tyres. The bicycle will be considered as one piece of baggage.

Electric bikes are considered dangerous goods, and must not be carried.

Diving equipment

Diving kits may contain a cylinder tank (empty), a regulator and octopus set, a tank harness, a facemask, fins, a snorkel and a lamp (the lamp and batteries must be separated). The diving equipment will be considered as one piece of baggage.

Fishing gear

Fishing rods must be placed in a cylinder made of shockproof material. Fishing gear will be considered as one piece of baggage.

Golf bag

Your golf bag may not contain more than 14 clubs, 12 golf balls and a pair of golf shoes, and it will considered as one piece of baggage.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments can be carried as cabin baggage, provided that they do not exceed the maximum allowed cabin baggage dimensions (55 x 40 x 23cm) and maximum 8 kg.

If you would like to bring a musical instrument that exceeds these measurements (maximum 140 x 46 x 30cm) with you in the cabin, you must book an additional seat at the ordinary ticket price through our Customer Service Centre. You have to book your own ticket and the additional seat at the same time.

If you choose to check in your musical instrument, it must be packed in a hard case and this is considered as one piece of baggage.

Paintings and other works of art

Paintings that do not exceed the maximum allowed dimensions (55 x 40 x 25cm) may be carried as cabin baggage. Larger paintings must be carefully wrapped before loading in the hold. All baggage will be placed on the baggage carrousel on arrival. Paintings which are checked in is considered as one piece of baggage. 


Wheelchairs are always transported free of charge with Atlantic Airways. In order to guarantee that you receive the assistance you require, please register your wheelchair at the time of booking and no later than 48 hours before departure. Further information about travel for passengers with reduced mobility is available here.

Live animals (only within Schengen)

Atlantic Airways accepts live animals (only dogs and cats) for travel as cargo in the hold or in the cabin under special circumstances. Passengers travelling with animals must check-in at least 1 hour before departure.

Atlantic Airways is not responsible for ensuring that animals have all the necessary travel documents, such as domestic and international licences, health certificates and other travel documents required in connection with the animal’s entry or transit through any country. Passengers will be liable to pay any fine or additional costs to the airline arising in connection with travelling with animals.

Atlantic Airways recommends that all passengers who plan to travel with dogs/cats contact a veterinarian in order to ensure that the animal is fit to fly. Atlantic Airways does not have any veterinarian available at airports or during travel.

Passengers travelling with animals must fill in the form HERE, at the bottom of this document. The completed form must be handed in at check-in on departure.

Non-Schengen: live animals destined for the UK must be shipped as cargo.

Transporting animals in the cabin

Small pets (dogs and cats) may be transported in the cabin under special circumstances. Animals, which can be transported in the cargo, will not be approved for transport in the cabin. Cabin transport is limited to 2 animals per departure. Two animals may be shipped in the same travel container, provided that the animals are already very familiar with each other in advance. Animals must be shipped in IATA approved travel containers. The maximum weight for the container plus the animal is 8kg and the dimensions must not exceed 43 x 31 x 20cm. We recommend a so-called "Sherpa bag," which has flexible dimensions, this bag’s external measurements may exceed that of the container, provided that it can be compressed within the maximum dimension and that the animal still has sufficient room in the cage. Sherpa bags are widely available to purchase from pet shops.

Transporting animals in the hold

This type of transport is limited to 2 animals per departure. Two animals can be shipped in the same container, provided that the animals are very familiar with each other in advance. The maximum weight is 14kg per animal, when shipped in the same travel container. Animals that do not meet these criteria must travel in separate containers. Animals (dogs and cats) travelling in the hold must be at least 8 weeks old. 

PLEASE NOTE: Animals must stay in their containers from check-in until pick-up at the arrival airport.

Travel containers for animals in the hold: Passengers are responsible for supplying an IATA-approved travel container for their pets. Steel cages are not permitted. The container must be made from a solid material and must also be watertight and clean. The container must be large enough to allow the animal to stand upright, turn around and lay down in a natural position. We recommend that travellers secure the container door with plastic strips before check-in. And also check that there is no damage to the container. Damaged travel containers will be refused at check-in.

The maximum container dimensions are 150x70x70cm (LxWxH). The 32kg-weight-limit does not apply when animals are transported in the hold. The container must be clearly and legibly marked with the owner’s mobile number.

NO WHEELS. If the container has wheels, these must be removed or secured with tape, so the cage cannot roll backward or forward.

Animals on board the plane count as 1 piece of baggage – regardless of whether they are carried as cabin or checked baggage.


Ski equipment must be packed carefully in sturdy material and will be considered as one piece of baggage.


Kiteboards with sails and other equipment must be packed in a bag. This equipment will be considered as one piece of baggage.

Water skis

Each ski bag may contain one pair of standard water skis, one pair of slalom water skis or one wakeboard. This equipment will be considered as one piece of baggage.

Windsurfing/hang glider

One windsurfing board, one sail and one beam must be packed in one bag. Each bag will be considered as one piece of baggage.


Firearms must be checked-in and are always subject to a fixed fee of DKK 200.00. Passengers must always notify the check-in staff at the airport that they would like to check a firearm in as baggage. If you are travelling with firearms and ammunition, you must always provide information about the following:

- That you have a valid firearm licence

- That the weapon is not loaded

- That the weapon is, if it is possible, disassembled and each part is packed in separate bags checked in by you

- Ammunitions are considered dangerous goods and must be kept in their original packaging to protect against hard shocks

- Ammunitions must be packed with the vital part of the firearm, or in a separate bag checked in by you. (You may not travel with more than 5kg of ammunitions)