Lost baggage

In case of lost or damaged baggage, please contact the Baggage Service at the arrival airport. List of contact numbers below.

Forgotten cabin baggage
Please contact our station office at Vagar Airport on (+298) 34 10 00 or by e-mail to
stationatlantic.fo with as detailed description as possible of your lost items, and details of date and flight number where you forgot the item.


Baggage tracer
You can check the status on your delayed baggage HERE (Link opens in new window)

To see information about your delayed bag, enter your 10-character file reference in the first box below. Enter your last name exactly how it appears on the property irregularity report (PIR) in the second box. Then, click "Send".

Lost Baggage Phone numbers:


Faroe Islands    
Vagar Atlantic Airways +298 34 10 00

Copenhagen SAS Ground Service +45 32 32 32 60
Billund Billund Lufthavn Baggageservice +45 76 50 52 34
Aalborg SAS Ground Service +45 98 17 33 11

Bergen             SAS Ground Service +47 95 71 43 01

Reykjavík Air Iceland Baggage Service +354 570 3400

Great Britain    
Edinburgh Swissport UK +44 (0)131 344 3253

Please note! These will only answer questions about lost luggage at their local airport!