Charter a plane from us

Our BAe-146/RJ aircraft are well suited for charters within Europe. They are 94-seater planes, and can fly for 3-4 hours non-stop. 

For several years, Atlantic Airways has provided charters for tour operators and other companies to travel destinations in Europe. Our aircraft are well suited for short runways, which often are not optimal for larger aeroplanes. We operate a variety of charter tours, including, for example:

• crew changes for fishing vessels
• crew changes for oil platforms
• teambuilding tours for companies
• conferences and exhibitions
• sports events.

The national airline of the Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways is the national carrier of the Faroe Islands. Founded in 1988, we operate seven aeroplanes on routes covering the North Atlantic. 

Our experience extends to other routes in Europe as well. The Company operates a well-equipped helicopter service and responds to all the search and rescue missions around the Faroes.