Saksun - The village that becomes one with the landscape

At the end of a long beautiful road between mountains in the northern end of Streymoy, lies the small idyllic village of Saksun. You will experience the charming blackened houses and a fine little whitewashed church. The buildings have turf roofs, making it look like all the houses have grown from the grass.

Saksun is famous for its picturesque location between high mountains near the lake Saksunarvatn, located very close to the sea. The lake is famous for its salmon and trout, and many come here to catch them.

Hike in Saksun

From Saksun you can take a beautiful hike, walking along the lake to the sea. You walk between the mountains and across a large sandy beach facing the sea. Be aware of high and low tide, as it is only possible to cross the sands two hours before and after low tide. So be sure to head back in time. In any case, bringing a good pair of hiking boots or rubber boots is a good idea.

The museum and church in Saksun

Dúvugarður is an old farm from the 17th century still in use today. The old building is made ​​of stone and grass and currently doubles as a museum. You can see how Faroese farmers lived at the time and the tools they used.

In the old days the locals went to Tjørnuvík to go to church, but in 1858 the small whitewashed church from Tjørnuvík was relocated to Saksun. The church, built in traditional style, holds a special tranquility.

Salmon fishing in Saksunarvatn

The large Saksunarvatn lake is one of the best places to fish for salmon in the Faroe Islands. The lake lies quietly in the bottom of the valley and drips into the sea. Perhaps there is nothing better than to just stand there - listening to spin of the wheel, dreaming about the next fish.