Find serenity on Mykines 

Mykines is shaped like a boomerang, and is the westernmost of the Faroe Islands. It is one of the few islands not connected to the main islands by tunnel or bridge. If you want to visit Mykines you go by boat or helicopter. In return, you are guaranteed peace and quiet. There is a slow pace on this island and you will have an opportunity to enjoy the tranquility, the weather and the birds playing in the wind.

There is a helicopter flying to the island throughout the year and a boat sailing from May to August, but both helicopter and boat is weather dependent. Therefore you must be prepared that your departure may be delayed.

If you love to feel the force of nature and having a truly authentic experience in an environment that rests completely in itself, Mykines is a perfect destination. There is room here to unplug yourselves and just enjoy the fresh air and nature around you.

The stonewood and the lighthouse

Legend has it that in ancient times trees grew in the Faroe Islands. When a farmer refused to pay taxes on the wood, the trees were turned into stone. You can see the impressive rock formations, or stone forest as it's called, on the north side of Mykines. These stone pillars are up to 55 meters high and made ​​of basalt.

Mykineshólmur is a small island located quite close to Mykines and the two islands are connected by a small wooden bridge. On top of Mykineshólmur is a small beautiful lighthouse in white and red, warning ships about the rough rocks. There is rich bird life along the cliffs.

The birds on Mykines

Mykines is a paradise if you want to experience the amazing Faroese birdlife. On Mykines you can see virtually all of the Faroese bird species. The most famous bird of the island is the majestic gannet. In the Faroe Islands, the gannet is considered the king of the Faroese birds because of its size and its wild plunge towards the sea for small fish and squid. The gannet is part of the Atlantic Airways logo and the famous Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson has created ​​colorful gannets in glass. Among other places, you will be able to see these in Vágar airport.       

Lunder, or puffin, has for many centuries been a source of survival for the inhabitants of the island. The locals catch the bird with a so-called fleygastong (fowling rod), which is a long stick with a rectangular grid at the end. If you stand on top of the rocks you can catch the birds and return home with dinner.

Visit nature and birds

Bird life and nature on Mykines is wonderful. Go there for a very special experience of nature and enjoy the tranquility that comes from being on an island, where you can’t just leave. You cannot take the car anywhere - you just have to stay in the now.