Gjógv - an excellent experience of nature

In beautiful landscape at the north end of Eysturoy, lies the small village of Gjógv. Here you will enjoy nature in its purest form. Waves that turn into roar and foam when they hit the rugged cliffs, the endless sea and the view to the Northern Islands, which lie like a mythical land on the other side of the fjord.

Gjógv is an authentic town situated in a secluded part of Eysturoy, and the journey there go through tough hairpin turns through valleys and over the highest mountain in the Faroes. Named Slætteratindur, it extends 882 meters above sea level. It is a wonderful hike from Gjógv to the top of the hill where you get a fantastic view of the Faroe Islands.

If you take a drive from Gjógv to Eiði you go past the beautiful rock formation Risin og Kellingin, featured in an old Faroese legend.

A natural harbor in the gulf

Gjógv is a small traditional village that has lived off the Faroese land since ancient times. In the middle of the village is a stone staircase leading into a gorge, wedged into the village. Gjógv means gorge in Faroese language, and the village got the name since the gorge was used as a natural harbor. The locals got their boats in the water in the gorge where the sea was calmer.

There is a rail along the steps down to the harbor, making it possible to pull the boats up to town when they need repair or when weather and waves are too severe.

It is impressive to stand down in the gorge and watch the birds zipping between the rocks and sit on the rock wall. The waves roll one by one into the gap, gnawing very slowly on the rock wall with a thunderous roar.

Staying the night in Gjógv

There is a cozy and popular hostel in Gjógv that will serve as your base in the wild. You can read more about the hostel in Gjógv here.