Gásadalur - best view in the Faroe Islands

Gásadalur is perhaps the village with the most beautiful view in the Faroe Islands. The village is on the other side of the mountain on the northern part of Vágar. In 2004, the village was connected to the rest of the island through a tunnel. Before that, the only way to get to Gásadalur was by hiking over the mountain from Bøur. Until 2004, the postman hiked over the mountain to the village three times a week.

The tunnel to Gásadalur is part of a Faroese policy to preserve the villages and settlements in the Faroe Islands, even those that are somewhat remote. This means that you are able to get to Gásadalur from Vágar airport in just 20 minutes. The tunnel only has one lane, but there are notches enabling one of two cars to hold back and let the other pass.

The waterfall in Gásadalur

Gásadalur means Goose valley, and the village is located in an iconic Faroese landscape. The mountain rises behind the village, and in front of it the water falls over the cliff and directly into the sea. From the village you have a beautiful view of the sea towards Mykines and Tindhólmur.

If you take a short hike from the village to the sea and the rocks, you come to a small path you can follow to a steep old natural staircase. It was carved into the rocks and leads you down to an old harbour. From here you have a fantastic view of the village. In the foreground, the waterfall that falls towards the sea. At sea level, there are caves going under the rocks.

An overwhelming view

The view of Gásadalur is one of the most photographed places in the Faroe Islands, and once you see it you will understand why. There is a special atmosphere at the site and always fascinating and mesmerizing to follow the waterfall and observe how the water continuously flows over the edge down onto the sea surface.