Experience nature in the Faroe Islands with your own eyes

Nature in the Faroe Islands is unique and filled with impressive sights. At once majestic, soothing and magical. For the population of the Faroe Islands, who have lived here for over a thousand years, nature has become a reality. They know everything about the islands and the surrounding sea - for you, the nature of the Faroe Islands will be an experience full of surprise and fascination.

The sea is always a present part of Faroese nature. There is no location in the Faroe Islands where you are more than five kilometers from the sea. But the coastline is not like most other places. The Faroese coastline is in many places one of high vertical cliffs, waterfalls and waves. If you look towards the land, you will see rolling grassy hills and mountains that extends up to 1000 meters altitude. Most settlements are in the lowlands and valleys near the coast. You won’t find any forests. The harsh climate is too much for the trees and existing trees are planted.

Out of town - into the wild

Occasionally, towns, cars and everyday life can be stressful and noisy, and we forget the peace and quiet that nature can provide. Nature provides a delightful certainty that there is something infinite, something much larger than us. Nature is special in the Faroe Islands. It is something you share and something that brings you together. It gives you the kind of experiences that stays with you to think back on.

You must visit the Faroe Islands if:

- If you find background landscapes beautiful

- If you appreciate a unique natural landscape, which makes you relax

- If you want to experience truly unique nature, only two hours from Denmark.


The best hiking - right on your doorstep

In the Faroe Islands, the next nature experience is always nearby. No matter where you stop or where you live, nature is not further away than just stepping out into it. So bring a good pair of hiking boots, get some tips from the tourist office or the locals and head into the mountains and up where the view is more beautiful.

Recommendations for nature experiences in the Faroe Islands:

The Faroe Islands is in itself an experience. If you want inspiration for exciting and extraordinary nature experiences, we have put together some recommendations for you here:

Gásadalur (Gåsedal)
- This village is beautifully located in the highlands between the mountains and the sea. From the village a majestic waterfall tumbles to the sea, and you have a view of rocky Tindhólmur and Mykines. Gásadalur is a 15-minute drive from Vágar Airport via a tunnel.

- A very authentic village on the north end of Eysturoy with about 60 inhabitants. In the village there is a fascinating ravine used by locals through generations as a natural harbor. The nature is fantastic and there is plenty of opportunity for beautiful walks in the countryside. There is a cozy and popular hostel in the village.

Mykines (Myggenæs)
- A remote island west of Vágar. There is a small settlement here and if you go west, an old wooden bridge will take you to an impressive place: the lighthouse that stands atop Mykineshólmur, where birds live along the straight and impressive rock face that extends to the northeast.

- A small idyllic village in the central valley on Streymoy. Here you can experience the traditional Faroese building style with grass turf roofs, fishing in the Saksunarvatn lake and see the old farm Dúvagarõur.

Vestmanna and Vestmannabjørgini bird cliff
- Vestmanna is a settlement in the northwestern part of Streymoy. You can sail from here on one of the popular boat trips and experience the birds and rocks at Vestmannabjørgini.

Risin and Kellingin
- On the north tip of Eysturoy is a marvelous rock formation called ‘Risin og Kellingin’ which means the Giant and the Crone. According to legend, a giant and his wife was about to steal the Faroe Islands away to Iceland, but they did not make it before sunrise and they turned to stone.

The weather in the Faroe Islands

Nature and weather in the Faroe Islands are connected to each other, and if you want to experience nature on your own it is important that you take care of yourself. You can read a little about the weather on the Faroe Islands here and get information about what you need to be aware of.

Map of the Faroe Islands

If you have difficulties remembering which island is which, you can learn more on our map of the Faroe Islands.

Experience nature in a different way

Nature can be experienced in many ways. Roads are good in the Faroe Islands, and getting around by car or motorcycle is only natural. If you have good legs and weather permits, an obvious choice is to go cycling on the steep and winding roads which will offer you a hard and spectacular bike ride. Or you can ride through the countryside on the back of the small rugged Faroese horse. How would you like to experience the Faroe Islands?