Visit Tórshavn - colourful capital of the Faroe Islands

Colourful houses surrounded by green mountains, blue sea and a special light that binds it all together. Tórshavn is a unique city that creates the perfect setting for a holiday of peace and quiet, unspoiled culture and magnificent landscapes. 

With its 19,800 inhabitants, Tórshavn is the world's smallest capital. Perhaps because it is small, there are lots of great experiences to be had. The city holds a special atmosphere that follows changes in the weather. You will discover quaint little streets, interesting local restaurants, charming shops and culture and not least the locals living their lives in the city.

Tórshavn is a must on your trip to the Faroes. Enjoy city life, be together and share the small and big experiences with each other.

Must-see experiences in Tórshavn

Set aside a day to holding hands and enjoying the sights. Walk through the old town with its colorful houses and see the old parliament building, the Tinganes, located right on the water. Swing by the harbor with the boats, life and happy locals. Walk through a city center of interesting specialty shops and cafes. Continue through the plantation to the Nordic House, a stunning building that blends in with the natural surroundings. The Nordic House is the Faroes’ primary cultural institution, and here you can explore Faroese culture and history.

There is of course much more to see in Tórshavn. You can read more about the attractions in Tórshavn here.

Accommodations in Tórshavn

You will find very nice opportunities for accommodation in Tórshavn. The Hotel Tórshavn’ is a 3-star hotel featuring the popular ‘Hvonn’ cocktail bar, or treat yourselves to a stay at the newly renovated 4-star design hotel ‘Føroyar’, where all the rooms have panoramic views of Tórshavn.

Tórshavn offers the best conditions for spending time together and you will quickly synchronize with the quiet rhythm of the city. Spend evenings together in the city at the local restaurants and bars and discover your favorite. And all is comfortably within walking distance. See more on hotels in Tórshavn here.

Your evening out in Tórshavn -
 Faroese world-class gastronomy

The Faroe Islands are a volcanic archipelago that rises up from the Atlantic Ocean to the north. This means steep cliffs, sea spray, green expanses, rich bird life, fish and sheep. This unique setting provides a unique food culture. Modern Faroese food culture is based on love of fresh local produce, traditions as well as contemporary cuisine.

Everybody will have their choice of fantastic restaurants in Tórshavn. ‘KOKS’ is an internationally renowned gourmet restaurant with experimental world-class gastronomy. At ‘Barbara’, there are dishes of fresh fish and great atmosphere. ‘Restaurant Áarstova’ is in a listed building, full of charm and inspiring dishes. ‘Etika’ will serve you sushi in beautiful surroundings, and at the ‘Hotel Hafnia’ restaurant you can experience authentic Faroese cuisine.     

Treat yourselves and share a genuine Faroese evening meal at one of the restaurants in Tórshavn.

Faroese fashion - knitwear and creative people

The Faroese have an uncomplicated relationship with creativity. Faroese values of minds and hands, provide products filled with soul and presence. Whether it comes to fashion, music or crafts you will experience a natural approach to the creative process.

When in Tórshavn, you should go shopping - although the town is small, there are plenty of options. ‘Gudrun & Gudrun’ are the women behind the famous jumper, worn by Sarah Lund in ‘The Killing’. ‘Sirri’ has a wide selection of clothing, accessories and home accessories made ​​of beautiful local wool. ‘Öström’ is a design shop on Tórshavn harbour where you may find a wide selection of clothing, accessories and crafts produced by local designers.

Experience nature from Tórshavn

Tórshavn is located on the southeast side of the island Streymoy. From here there are plenty of opportunities to travel and experience the magnificent scenery in the Faroes.

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