Klaksvik - a fishing village in beautiful surroundings

With nearly 5000 inhabitants, Klaksvík is the second largest town of the Faroe Islands. Driving into Klaksvik, you pass a roundabout with a sculpture of a fish hook several meters high. The hook symbolizes that Klaksvik is a fishing port.

Klaksvik was connected with Eysturoy via the Nordøtunnel in 2006. This means that there is only an hour's drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvik. The tunnel is about five kilometers long and is decorated with light art by the Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson. 

What to see in Klaksvik

Klaksvik is a cozy town characterized by a great cultural heritage. Go for a walk in the morning and experience life on the harbour. Pay a visit to the Christians church, inaugurated in 1963 in memory of King Christian X. A traditional Faroese boat hangs inside the church, as used by priests in the old days to sail around the islands to hold worship.

In an old trading house from 1838 there’s a small museum: Norooya Fornminnisavn. It's the museum of the northern islands including an exhibition of an old Faroese pharmacy as well as old-fashioned tools and instruments that gives you an insight into the daily life of older times.

On the main street in town is one of the Faroe Islands’ breweries, ‘Bjór’, which makes various popular Faroese beer. The brewery's logo, very appropriately, is a Faroese ram.   

Trips from Klaksvik - on to the northern islands

Klaksvik is an experience in itself, but the village is also an ideal starting point if you want to experience the rest of the magnificent islands in the north. Nature in the northern islands is peculiar and impressive. From Klaksvik you can take a three-hour hike up the Klakkurfjeldet, which gives you a revelatory scenic view over the village and mountains.

In summer you can take a boat trip from Klaksvík to the record high promontory, Enniberg. It is a 750 meter high bird cliff on the northern end of the island Viðoy. Here, nature is truly great, and birds thrive in the harsh environment where the waves crash against the rocks and the wind blows.

Klaksvik is an old fishing village, and what could be more natural than going fishing from a village that since time immemorial have lived by fishermen who sailed out to sea to return home with food for their families. 

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