Locations in the Faroe Islands - villages and islands 

When you are in the Faroe Islands, one thing is certain: you are always close to the sea. The Faroe Islands are a small group of islands full of mountains and fjords. Of the 18 islands, the largest are connected with tunnels, bridges and ferries. The landscape in the Faroe Islands is green and raw, getting taller and steeper the further you progress north.

The Faroe Islands are filled with charming places and beautiful islands, and you will move between the islands to get to the places that you most like to visit.

The Faroe Islands.

There are 18 Faroe Islands. Of these, Eysturoy and Streymoy are the largest. They are close together, and are connected by a bridge which the locals call the Bridge over the Atlantic. The capital Tórshavn is located on Streymoy and the second largest city Klaksvik is on Borðoy on the north islands, connected with Eysturoy by a tunnel. The airport is on Vágar in the west, and it’s a 45 minute drive from the airport to Tórshavn.

Places you must visit in the Faroe Islands

Every location and island in the Faroe Islands has its own charm and its own magic. Still, we would like to give you some recommendations on places you must visit on your trip to the Faroes.

- Is the second largest city of the Faroe Islands with 5,000 inhabitants and is located on Borðoy. Once here you will be able to see the Christians Church, the Norooya Fornminnisavn museum and take a beautiful hike to the abandoned settlement Skálatoftir with its beautiful view.

- The smallest capital in the world is rich in experiences. Tórshavn gives you plenty of opportunities to go to museums, go shopping and visit restaurants and bars. Tórshavn is rich in charm, urban life and cultural experiences.  

Map of the Faroe Islands - Getting an overview      

Any place is never very far in the Faroe Islands, and getting around to the various sites is easy. However, memorizing 18 islands can be difficult, so here is a map of the Faroe Islands.