The Nordic House

Nordens Hus

The Nordic House - Faroese Art and Nordic Community

The Nordic House rises from stone and grass on the outskirts of Tórshavn. It is the premier cultural institution of the Faroe Islands and part of a special Nordic community. It is the purpose of the house to display, promote and strengthen Nordic and especially Faroese art & culture, both locally as well as in the Nordic region.

Events, music & culture in the Faroe Islands

The Nordic House is home to diverse cultural experiences. Here you can experience both the permanent Faroese exhibition as well as regular exhibitions of inspiring contemporary art. In the evenings, various events take place in the large concert hall featuring opera, jazz, dance, theater and Faroese pop. There are also small free events, where you can come with family and friends and take part in Faroese dances. The bright lobby has a cozy atmosphere and a nice café.

The Nordic House is definitely a worthy experience. Enjoy an evening filled with Nordic culture. What to experience in the Nordic House in Tórshavn

Nordic architecture in Tórshavn

The large window facades and steel structure around the building signifies that the building must be able to withstand wind and weather. Nordic House is an architectural gem. Everything is Nordic. The stones are Norwegian, the chairs are Finnish, floor and walls were once a part of Swedish forests, and the characteristic glass and steel facade is Danish. The roof is Icelandic and the grass on the roof from the Faroe Islands. Overall, the house is a testament to the community and common spirit that bind the Nordic countries together.