Restaurant KOKS

Restaurant KOKS

Restaurant KOKS - gourmet restaurant of the Faroe Islands

At the top of Tórshavn is restaurant KOKS. A gourmet restaurant where amazing Faroese ingredients, using skillful craft and culinary ambitions, turn into a taste experience out of the ordinary.

Restaurant KOKS experiment with fresh local produce as well as traditional products such as ‘restkød’, ‘garnatálg’ and ‘skerpikjøt’. Meals are elegantly arranged and served with wine that highlights the nuances and subtleties of the flavors, and brings you close to nature and the sea.

Faroese ingredients in a new way

Fish and shellfish from the Faeroe Islands enjoy a fine reputation: the waters and currents around the islands add a firmness to the meat that makes dining here a maximum pleasure. The sheep have wandered in the mountains and grazed in the wind and snow, and are just as hardy and quiet like a yak in the Himalayas. The birds of Mykines, Vestmanna and Enniberg live their lives on rocky ledges with a view of their ‘pantry’, stretching out beneath them and providing an everlasting source of food.

In short, the Faroe Islands have some of the best ingredients in the world because of its climate. Although few in numbers, it is the quality and strength of these few exceptional ingredients that makes the gastronomic experience so unique. At the KOKS, Faroese ingredients are prepared and served with a love of the authentic taste of the Faroe Islands.

New Nordic Food is from the Faroe Islands 

KOKS is one of the frontrunners of representing Scandinavia’s new nordic. A new gastronomic direction that cultivates elegance, freshness and simplicity - all parts of Nordic culture and aesthetics. It's about being true to the seasons, local ingredients, and the constraints and opportunities they provide, thus creating food experiences that are authentic and fresh.

With the uniqueness of the Faroese culinary tradition, the eminent ingredients, and by allowing inspiration from others, the KOKS is an exemplary representative of the new Nordic food tradition. Restaurant KOKS helps to create a very high Nordic standard of gastronomic experiences.

A complete experience, with a smile

The smell of smoked spruce and a smiling waiter that sets a ceramic dish in front of you. Lifting the lid allows the smoke from the lightly burned spruce to rise next to the fried lobster, whose bright colors contrast with the dark stone it rests upon. An intense and seductive flavor is released by one of the gastronomic gems of the KOKS.

An unforgettable restaurant experience is much more than a taste experience. It is a night out where you feel all your senses are being pampered. The pleasant decor, the sound of the chefs in the kitchen, the smell of food and the view of Tórshavn by-night. And where the serving, arrangement and taste makes you feel you are exactly where you want to be.

Restaurant KOKS is above all a complete experience. An experience that holds a special place in your heart when you think back on your trip to the Faroes. Because the food, the wine and the smiles are something really special that you will always remember.

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