G! Festival

G Festival

G! Festival - festival in the Faroes

Music on the beach until dawn, overlooking the countryside, at the world's most intimate festival. That is the shortest description of the G! Festival in the Faroe Islands.  

G! Festival started on the beach in 2002, and was a great success from the beginning. This small festival in Gøta is full of life and atmosphere, when the music flows from the beach stage. When light, sound and love flows over the audience. To the side, the Faroese landscape shapes the horizon and the waves come crashing into the sand.

About the festival

G! Festival is in mid-July and lasts three days. There are three stages: the Beach - the main stage on the beach, The Playground - a stage in a playground in the grass and Grundin - Ground Zero, with electronic music and a guaranteed party. There is a cinema, showing Faroese cinematic art, music videos and is a pleasant place to hang out.

At one end of the beach, there is a Finnish sauna and hot baths so you can indulge yourself with a little festival wellness.

International, alternative and upcoming

Musically, the festival aims to embrace exciting and innovative rock music, and every year features a big name artist from abroad. This means that G-festival is a venue that provides both small and big Faroese artists with a chance to be heard and loved. The music draws about 8,000 guests, coming together to enjoy the music and the intoxicating festival life. People come from the Faroe Islands and the Nordic region to enjoy a unique experience filled with music, nature and friendship.

A festival with all the trimmings

Although the G! is a small festival, it has everything expected of a festival. Firstly of course, is the music that all come together for. On the grass by the church is the campsite, where guests in true festival style set up their tents and make camps with flags, guitar and singing, beers and parties.

G! Festival differs from the festivals you know on these points:

-       You're standing on the beach in the middle of nature

-       Many of the other guests wear Faroese sweaters and speak Faroese

-       You can party with all the other guests at the festival.   

Do not miss G!

You have to experience G! Festival if you would like to try a different festival experience. If you are tired of going to the same places and seeing the same bands, and if you have the courage to try a completely intimate and charismatic mini festival in fabled surroundings.

G! Festival is something special. It is wild, authentic and intoxicating, says everyone who has been there. Exactly what makes G! Festival charm the hearts of its visitors, is hard to pinpoint. The best thing about it is that you can experience it, and you're invited. Read more about G-festival in the Faroes here.