Attractions in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is much more than beautiful scenery. You can experience its cultural richness at the festive national holiday or on one of the islands' popular music festivals. The Faroe Islands have a history that stretches back to Viking times, as witnessed in the old buildings with turf roofs. Culture is also present in the food. At the local restaurants you will be treated to modern Nordic cuisine based on fine Faroese ingredients and traditions. 

Cultural experiences in the Faroe Islands       

Your trip to Faroe Islands offers a wealth of cultural experiences, depending on what you find most interesting. We have compiled some of the most popular attractions of the islands.

The National Gallery
- This is the largest collection of Faroese art and visual art. Here are amazing paintings, inspired by everyday life in the Faroe Islands. Especially the world-famous art of Sámal Joenssen-Mikines is worth admiring. The museum is home to both classic and contemporary Faroese art, and exhibitions and events regularly take place at the museum.

G! Festival
- A legendary music festival taking place on the beach in the village of Gøta every year in July. Emphasis is on both minor upcoming bands and more established artists. The festival is located in a perfect setting overlooking the Faroese landscape.

- A historic village on the southern end of Streymoy, where you can experience an old royal farm, an old wooden church and the ruins of the old Catholic cathedral, called Múrunin. 

Nordic House
- This house of culture on the outskirts of Tórshavn is the result of a Nordic dream of creating an institution that brings together Nordic culture. The building is bright and welcoming. You can experience traditional and contemporary events in the concert hall and visit the current art exhibitions.

Ólavsøka (Olaifest)
- The Faroese National Day, celebrated on 28 and 29 July with a national festival in Tórshavn. The traditional costumes with silver buttons are prominently featured, and all of Tórshavn is transformed into celebration, dancing and colors. All are welcome.

Restaurant KOKS
- is the most exclusive restaurant in the Faroe Islands. The restaurant is located in the Hotel Føroyar with a beautiful view over Tórshavn. The food is full of fresh local ingredients, innovation and aesthetics. This restaurant is a must if you want a gourmet experience out of the ordinary.

- The Old Town of Tórshavn, where the old Lagting has assembled for more than a thousand years. Here you will experience the beautiful old buildings built close together, the place of assembly on the rocks at the tip of the headland and feel the presence of history.

The Faroe Islands is so much more

Of course there are many more cultural experiences in the Faroe Islands. There's the Saga Museum in Vestmanna, where you can see and hear how the Faroese handled crime and punishment in ancient times, and how they dressed and lived their lives. The Norð­oya Fornminnissavn is a museum in Klaksvik. Here you can experience an old trading house, a pharmacy and get a glimpse of how these things operated in old times.