Travel Tips

Helicopter passengers
Helicopter tickets can be booked and paid online. You can find the booking site clicking HERE.

It is important to be at the heliport early, at least 30 minutes before departure, to allow the heliport staff enough time to make preparations before departure.

Only one way trips can be booked.

Luggage / freight
Every passenger is allowed 20 kg of luggage. 

If freight only is sent by helicopter, it is also necessary to book space.

It is very important to give information about the type of luggage or freight being sent i.e. the weight, size and if the freight is irregularly shaped.

Proper and secure packing of the luggage/freight is required; otherwise the crew can refuse to take it.

Pets etc.
Dogs, cats, and other small domestic animals can only be transported by helicopter if they are in a box suited for the purpose.

Max. pet box dimensions: 51x48x68 cm

Meeting point
Since 1995 Landsverk has run most of the helipads in the country.There are a total of eleven helipads in the Faroes and Landsverk is running 10 of them. The National Hospital has responsibility for the other one. There are supervisors across the country with responsibility of each helipad. Besides task for Landsverk, these people take care of tickets sales, manifestos, freight and other things for Atlantic Airways, which runs the helicopter services.

Below you can find a link to Landsverk web site. Unfortunately the link is in Faroese. There are a card that shows where the helipads are. Please look for in Faroese - Tyrlupallar/ helipads and then Yvirlitstekning / Key map -  there you can se where the helipads are located on the islands.