Three days a week (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays) there are scheduled flights to the outer islands, and during the summer months of June, July, and August also on Mondays. On the remaining days other tasks are undertaken, such as charter trips and sling flights.
Sling flights involve flying with goods which are hooked underneath the helicopter, and transported from one place to another.

The cargo types are almost unlimited: live animals (such as horses, calves, smolt), hay, concrete mix, timber, sheds, mini-diggers, fuel tanks, and even cars and tractors are among the things that can be transported in this way.

The helicopter is often used in connection with the filming, for transporting equipment as well as cast and film crew. 

Pris pr. min.:

Charter: DKK 467,- pr. min. 
Off-Shore operation: Price on request


The price is calculated from the time of departure from Vágar Airport and until arrival back in Vágar Airport. 

If you have any questions about chartering the helicopter, please contact:

Atlantic Helicopters
Vágar Airport
FO-380 Sørvágur
Tel: (+298) 34 10 00
Email: [email protected]