Atlantic Airways Ltd. 
Vagar Airport
FO-380 Sørvágur
Faroe Islands

Sales Service Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]

Customer Service Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected] 

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Marketing Department Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]

Administration Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]
CEO Jóhanna á Bergi [email protected]    
Chief Financial Officer -  CFO Marius Davidsen [email protected] 
Director Human Resources Georg Suðurgarð [email protected]
Quality Manager Randi Reinert [email protected] 
Safety Manager Jens Eystein Í Løðu    [email protected]
Sales and Marketing Manager Árni Olsen [email protected]
Technical Manager William Smith [email protected] 
Maintenance Manager Richard Johansen [email protected] 
Flight Ops. Manager (fixed wing) Sámal Danielsen  [email protected]
Flight Ops. Manager (Helicopter) Hans Erik Jacobsen [email protected] 
Cabin Crew Manager Annika Jespersen [email protected]
Network and Charter Manager Pætur Rasmussen [email protected] 
Ground Operation Manager Rasmus Niclasen [email protected] 
Customer Service Manager Sólbjørg L. Magnussen [email protected]