Atlantic Airways Ltd. 
Vagar Airport
FO-380 Sørvágur
Faroe Islands

Sales Service Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]

Customer Service Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected] 

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Marketing Department Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]

Administration Tel.(+298)341000

[email protected]
CEO Jóhanna á Bergi [email protected]    
Chief Financial Officer -  CFO Marius Davidsen [email protected] 
Director Human Resources Georg Suðurgarð [email protected]
Quality Manager Randi Reinert [email protected] 
Safety Manager Jens Eystein Í Løðu    [email protected]
Sales and Marketing Manager Árni Olsen [email protected]
Technical Manager William Smith [email protected] 
Maintenance Manager Richard Johansen [email protected] 
Flight Ops. Manager (fixed wing) Sámal Danielsen  [email protected]
Flight Ops. Manager (Helicopter) Hans Erik Jacobsen [email protected] 
Cabin Crew Manager Annika Jespersen [email protected]
Network and Charter Manager Pætur Rasmussen [email protected] 
Ground Operation Manager Rasmus Niclasen [email protected] 
Customer Service Manager Sólbjørg L. Magnussen [email protected]

Figures 2014 Staff 182
  Annual turnover 574 mill.
  No. of passengers 266.000

Atlantic Airways is an international company, whose corporate culture is known by its focus on safety, punctuality, the customer and the result. The Sørvágur-based company, which is the Faroese flag carrier airline, currently employs around 182 people. The Atlantic Airways fleet consists of three aircraft and two helicopters. The aircraft provide regular service between the Faroes and a range of cities in Denmark as well as the neighbouring countries England, Scotland, Iceland and Norway. In addition, the company´s activities include leasing of aircrafts of which half the revenue originate outside of the Faroes. The helicopter department provides a regular service to the outer islands, search-and-rescue activities and offshore transport in the North Atlantic.