More and Cheaper Fares

Atlantic Airways will offer 100,000 one-way tickets for under DKK 1,000 on its route network year-round. The cheapest fare is DKK 699 and it can be combined with more expensive tickets. Gran Canaria is the new winter destination. Food and alcoholic drinks will continue to be free of charge on long flights. On shorter stretches, food and alcoholic drinks can be purchased at a reasonable price. Soft drinks, water, coffee and tea will remain free of charge on all flights.


Atlantic Airways takes another important step on the journey the company embarked on in 2014, when the new fare structure and routes were introduced.

The cheapest fare will be even cheaper and 100,000 one-way tickets for under DKK 1,000 will be available year-round on Atlantic Airways’ route network.

The one-way DKK 779 fare will be lowered to DKK 699. On the Denmark routes, 45,000 seats will be available at this rate. This translates to 25 seats on most departures. The cheapest fare, which so far has only been available on the Denmark routes, will now also be available on the NORTH routes, i.e. on the Reykjavik, Bergen and Edinburgh routes. 10,000 tickets at DKK 699 will be put on sale on the NORTH routes annually.

45,000 of the cheapest EARLY tickets, i.e. other one-way tickets for under DKK 1,000, are also distributed over the network annually. The cheapest EARLY fare will be lowered from DKK 929 to DKK 899. The cheapest ALWAYS ticket will be lowered from DKK 1,829 to DKK 1,699.

In total, the ticket prices will be lowered with more than DKK 17 million in the hope of attracting more travellers.

Changes will also be made in on-board services. Food and alcohol will still be offered free of charge on the longer flights such as on the Barcelona and Mallorca routes. On shorter stretches, such as the Denmark and NORTH routes, food and alcohol will be available for purchase at a reasonable price. Soft drinks, water, tea and coffee will remain free of charge on all routes.

The new fare structure and changes in on-board services will come into effect on 1 September 2016. However, the new fares will be available on-line already on 1 March 2016.

Finally, Gran Canaria will become a new winter destination during late December and January, making it possible to fly directly to sun and summer from the Faroes next winter.


Staying on Course

These changes mean that the cost for free food is translated into even more cheap tickets.

- The change on-board is only minor, since travellers will be able to buy food and strong drinks at a reasonable price, if they wish to do so. The only difference is a small charge for the service provided, says Jóhanna á Bergi, CEO of Atlantic Airways.

She notes that possible changes in the food and alcohol policy on-board has been debated in the media lately. Atlantic Airways’ CEO emphasises though that these services will still be available on-board and that the changes are made in order to make more cheap tickets available.

- Our primary goal is to fly our passengers as safely and cheaply as possible on our route network, while food and drinks are a secondary concern, says Jóhanna á Bergi, CEO of Atlantic Airways.

The company continues in the trajectory set in 2014 when cheaper fares were introduced. This benefits both Faroese passengers, who now can travel more frequently, and the Faroes as a tourist destination since the cheaper fares will draw more tourists to the Faroes.

2015 proved a record year for Atlantic Airways, 267,000 travellers choosing to fly with the carrier. This is an increase of about 30,000 travellers compared with 2014, when the number of travellers was 237,000. This is an increase of 13 %.

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Atlantic Airways Stays on Course
11. April 2016