Atlantic Airways Signs Contract for a New Airbus 320

Atlantic Airways and Airbus have signed a contract for the purchase of an Airbus 320 to be delivered in late 2016.


Atlantic Airways and the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus have signed a contract, in which they have agreed that the Faroese airline company buys an Airbus 320. According to the plan, Airbus will deliver the aircraft in late 2016. As agreed with Airbus, the purchasing price will not be made public.


Atlantic Airways is taking steps to buy the larger aircraft due to the increasing demand on the route between the Faroes and Copenhagen. The new aircraft will primarily serve this route.

Airbus 320 takes 168 passengers, 24 more than the Airbus 319, which has a capacity of 144 passengers. Currently, there are three Airbus 319 in Atlantic Airways’ fleet, one of which the company owns while it leases the other two.

The new aircraft, just as the company’s A 319, will be equipped with Airbus’ advanced navigation technology, RNP AR 0.1, which so far has resulted in a marked increase in regularity and so reducing delays. This is a GPS based technology, which Atlantic Airways has combined with the ILS systems commonly used by airports. Combined, this proves to be a very accurate navigation tool for both arrivals and departures.

A320 Undirskriving -Mynd 

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For further information, please contact Jørgen Holme, CEO, at + 298 21 37 20.

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