Atlantic Airways flies the most advanced airspace technology in Europe

Using RNP AR 0.1 technology, Atlantic Airways’ Airbus 319 fleet flies the most advanced airspace technology in Europe, Airbus announces following its most recent update of the technology

Atlantic Airways is in front regarding advanced navigation technology, Airbus announces. The Faroese carrier’s three Airbus 319s are all equipped with RNP AR 0.1 technology, which has resulted in significantly increased regularity in the Faroe Islands.

RNP AR 0.1 is a GPS-based technology which has been combined with the common ILS system used at airports. When combining these two systems, the result is an exceedingly accurate tool for arrivals and missed approaches. According to Airbus, Atlantic Airways is the first carrier worldwide to use RNP AR 0.1 and ILS in combination as a tool for arrivals and missed approaches.

The Faroese airport of Vagar is the first airport where Atlantic Airways use this combination of RNP AR 0.1 and ILS and thus the first airport where this new technology is adopted. The technology allows Atlantic Airways’ three Airbuses to approach Vagar Airport at a lower altitude and in lower visibility than ever before.

Atlantic Airways was the first European carrier to use this new technology when receiving their new Airbus in 2012. All three Airbus 319s have now gone through a thorough update of RNP AR 0.1, which has led Airbus to announce in a press release that “Atlantic Airways flies the most advanced airspace technology in Europe.”

Airbus originally developed this new technology in cooperation with Atlantic Airways and also the latest updates have been made in cooperation with the Faroese carrier. The project manager representing Atlantic Airways was Captain Jóhan í Niðristovu.
- It has been both exciting and a challenge to be involved in the development of such an accurate navigation tool, which has increased regularity at Vagar Airport, says Jóhan í Niðristovu, Airbus Captain and project manager.

Sámal Danielsen, Flight Ops. Manager, is also very pleased with RNP AR 0.1, which has put Atlantic Airways in the front regards the use of RNP AR technology in Europe.

- Atlantic Airways and the Danish Transport Authority have worked closely together in order to get the initial RNP AR 0.1 approval and we have continued to do so in combining RNP AR 0.1 with the ILS system at Vagar Airport, says Sámal Danielsen, Flight Ops. Manager.

Airbus and Atlantic Airways will continue their cooperation to further develop RNP AR 0.1, which so far has resulted in fewer delays to the benefit of our customers. 

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