Atlantic Airways buys New Helicopters

Atlantic Airways has decided to purchase two new helicopters of the type AW 139. This is a significant upgrade of both Atlantic Airways’ scheduled services in the Faroes and the country’s helicopter emergency services  


Atlantic Airways will replace its helicopters and acquires two new helicopters of the type AW 139, which the company according to the plan will take over during the first half of 2016.

The new helicopters will replace the company’s two 20-year old Bell 412, which today both serve routes between the islands and as emergency helicopters. This is a significant upgrade of both Atlantic Airways’ scheduled services in the Faroes and the country’s helicopter emergency services.

            The AW 139 helicopters can reach out to the Faroes’ 200 nm territorial border, where they can operate for 30 minutes in case of an emergency. In comparison, the Bell 412 has only a range of 127 nm, if it is to operate in an emergency situation for 30 minutes.

            For emergency situations and patient transport, the AW 139 can carry two stretchers, two crewmembers in the cabin and four next-of-kin compared to the one stretcher, two crewmembers in the cabin and three next-of-kin in the Bell 412. Overall, there is far more space for emergency work on-board the new helicopters.

            The AW 139 has a cruise speed of 260 km/h and a maximum speed of 303 km/h. Both the cruise and maximum speed of the Bell 412 is 195 km/h.

            The AW 139 can take 15 passengers while the Bell 412 takes only nine. The AW 139 is equipped with ”super silent cabins,” reducing noise to levels comparable to that of a passenger plane. Therefore, there is no need to wear hearing protection, which is necessary on-board the Bell 412.

            The new Helicopters are also equipped with the advanced RNP-technology, also in use on-board the Airbus aircrafts, which makes it possible to fly at lower altitudes and in worse visibility than is possible today. Atlantic Airways has leased AW 139 helicopters a number of times, e.g. to service the oil industry. Therefore the company has solid experience with the AW 139.

            -This is a significant improvement of our helicopter service as the old helicopters are downgraded as new and stricter regulations are introduced in the field. With AW 139 helicopters we acquire a modern fleet ready for the future, and which meets all relevant standards, says Atlantic Airways’ CEO, Jørgen Holme. 


Yours sincerely,

Atlantic Airways

For further information, please contact Jørgen Holme, CEO, at + 298 21 37 20.

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