Simpler and Cheaper Airfares

Making airfares simpler and cheaper, Atlantic Airways offers two new ticket types, ECONOMY and FLEX, in addition to the 799 ticket launched in June. The new tickets are the fruit of a thorough revision and simplification of the fare structure

Atlantic Airways has simplified its fare structure and offers from tomorrow two new ticket types, ECONOMY and FLEX, that are both cheaper and more transparent. This is a further development of the company’s 799 ticket on its routes to Denmark, which was launched in June as the first step in a new strategy.

ECONOMY and FLEX are the result of thorough revision and simplification of the fare structure. This has been a time consuming process that demanded many technical changes.

As of now, Atlantic Airways offers the 799 ticket on its routes to Denmark and the following tickets on all its routes: ECONOMY, with fares starting at DKK 949 and FLEX starting at DKK 1,849 for a one way ticket. The starting fares are up to 10 % cheaper than the old tickets.

ECONOMY tickets are for travellers who want some flexibility and are able to book their tickets in advance. FLEX is the option for travellers who want a lot of flexibility and may have to travel on short notice.

The simpler fare structure will benefit the customer as several fare rules that previously were tied to various ticket types have been removed. It will be possible to combine the two new ticket types, ECONOMY and FLEX. It is not possible to combine 799 tickets with ECONOMY and FLEX; however, the 799 ticket is suitable for those who fly between the Faroes and Denmark, and can purchase their ticket well in advance and are aware of that these tickets cannot be changed or refunded.

The previously high change fee a ticket has now been reduced to DKK 200 for the ECONOMY fare. The FLEX fare can be changed without change fee. As previously, a possible difference in fare must be paid for both ticket types.

The online booking system on has been improved. But Atlantic Airways as well as the travel agencies continue to offer customers a personal service in exchange for a booking fee.

At the same time as the whole fare structure has been revised, tickets are now for sale for the NORTH routes that will include four weekly flights to Bergen, three to Reykjavik and two to Edinburgh at the end of March 2015. This winther there is two weekly flights to Norway and Iceland.

Next Spring Atlantic Airways will also fly to Sardinia. The destination won the Facebook competition for a destination in which early spring can be enjoyed under warmer, southern skies. The SUN destinations next summer will be Mallorca and Barcelona.

- We have now taken a further step in our new strategy, where focus is put on a simpler fare structure, cheaper tickets and more links between the Faroes and the rest of the world. This will benefit the Faroese, the business community and tourists who wish to visit the Faroe Islands, says Jørgen Holme, CEO.

For further information, please contact Jørgen Holme, CEO, at +298 21 37 20.

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