Fly to the Faroe Islands directly from Milan and Barcelona

In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, nestled halfway between Iceland, Scotland and Norway lies the magnificent Faroe Islands.

Chosen as the world’s most beautiful islands by the National Geographic Traveler in 2007, Atlantic Airways, the national Airline of the Faroe Islands, is offering its customers direct flights from Milan and Barcelona to the Faroe Islands. Operations from Barcelona began last year, and our first flight from Milan was on June 29th this year. 

Atlantic Airways – which began operations in 1988 – is connecting Faroe Islands to the neighboring countries of Iceland, Norway, Great Britain and Denmark as well as summer operations to Spain and now Milan in Italy.

The airline received its first Airbus A319 in March 2012 and is currently operating two Airbus 319 and two Avro RJ aircrafts.

The Barcelona route is one of the airline’s most popular routes ever, and the airline is confident that the Milan route also will prove to be popular. The people of the Faroe Islands enjoy the good weather and sun inherent in Mediterranean destinations. Furthermore the Faroe Islanders are also a very hospitable people that welcome visitors from Italy and Spain with open arms who want to enjoy a fresh experience.

The Faroe Islands is sometimes referred to as a Nordic Shangri-La, which the world has yet to discover. Many Europeans have heard about the Faroe Islands due to the countries participation in international football. The Faroe Islanders have scored against both Italy and Spain – but the North Atlantic islands themselves are even more exotic than the football team.

In 2007 the National Geographic Traveler established a panel of experts whose task it was to determine which island nation was the world’s most beautiful. 111 island nations were considered for the title. Including such exotic islands as Hawaii or Bermuda, but the Faroe Islands took the prize with the reason being the Faroese scenery is both breathtaking and unique and in addition unspoilt culturally.

Atlantic Airways now offers everyone who flies from Milan to experience the wondrous Faroe Islands. Atlantic Airways was awarded the Airline of the Year 2012/2013 bronze Award by the European Regions Airline Association on its annual general meeting in Dublin. Atlantic Airways is an airline that is making a name for itself on the international arena – just like the 18 beautiful islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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