Atlantic Airways Has a New CEO

Magni Arge has resigned as CEO of Atlantic Airways. During a transitional period, Jørgen Holme will fill the position. Mr Arge and the Board of Directors have agreed to part ways because the board wants the company to move in a new direction.

Since Atlantic Airways’ Board of Directors wants the company to move in a new direction, the board and the CEO for the past 18 years have made a resignation agreement. Magni Arge has resigned as CEO but will be available on a consultant basis for a time to come. In a transitional period of 1-2 years, Jørgen Holme will be the company’s CEO.

"The years at Atlantic Airways have been both challenging and absorbing. I believe Atlantic Airways is a solid company, well suited for future development. It has been a privilege to work with so many hard-working and enthusiastic people at the flag carrier of the Faroe Islands. I wish a bright future for both them and the company in the years to come." says Magni Arge.

"We wish to thank Magni Arge for his faithful service and for his great accomplishments at Atlantic Airways." says Niels Mortensen, chairman of the board.
At a later date the board and the new CEO will set out the company’s new direction, which will include an overall plan for the company’s future potential, upon which coming management teams can build. Niels Mortensen notes that the most important issue at the moment is for Jørgen Holme to have the opportunity to get to know the company well and assess the challenges it will face in the coming years.

The New CEO: Jørgen Holme

Jørgen Holme

Jørgen Holme is 52 years old and has solid experience within the airline industry. Holme is an economist, holding a master’s degree in economics and management from the University of Århus (1990). Since then he has both held several leadership positions and taken further degrees in management.

Jørgen Holme has held commercial leadership positions at SAS, including at the SAS’ offices in Madrid and New York. He has also worked at Spanair in Mallorca, and for two years he was the sales and marketing director at Air Greenland, where he also was in charge of the scheduled network.

Until recently Jørgen Holme was the head of SEB Kort Bank Denmark, where he also previously had been in charge of sales and marketing.

"This is a new challenge, and my first task is spending time to get to know the company and its employees well. I am looking forward to meet employees, partners and customers, as well as getting to know the Faroes." says Jørgen Holme.

He has followed Atlantic Airways since he worked at Air Greenland and he has great respect for way the company have developed.

"At a later date we will set out the overall strategy. However, for now, the important matter is for everyone at Atlantic Airways to continue their good work, ensuring great flights and satisfied customers." says Jørgen Holme, Atlantic Airways’ new CEO.

For further information, please contact Niels Mortensen,
Chairman of the Board, tel.: + 298 21 69 28.

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