Airline makes industry award

Airline makes industry award

Award-winning airline, Atlantic Airways, has itself been handing out awards.

The national airline of the Faroe Islands teamed up with an important aviation publication to sponsor an award in recognition of excellence in the application of satellite-based navigation technology.

Atlantic Airways CEO Magni Arge and Aimée Turner, Editor of Air Traffic Management magazine, made the award to German airline, Air Berlin, at a glittering ceremony in Amsterdam last night (Tuesday).

The event was witnessed by hundreds of delegates at the ATC Global Conference, attended by representatives of the air navigation industry from around the world.

Air Berlin received the Air Traffic Management Atlantic Award after its entry was deemed the best by judges from Atlantic Airways and elsewhere.

Air Berlin introduced satellite-based landing using the so-called Required Navigation Performance with Authorisation Required system last year, not long after Atlantic Airways became the first airline in Europe to apply the technology.

Magni Arge said: "Having worked hard to introduce the latest technology to improve the reliability of our Faroe Islands services, we were delighted to join with Air Traffic Management to put our name on an award that would encourage further advances across our industry."

Last September, Magni Arge received the European Regions Airline Association's Bronze Airline of the Year Award after a judging panel cited the airline's pioneering navigation work among reasons for making the highly coveted award: "The airline successfully introduced the first RNP-AR EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)-certified navigation technology on a new aircraft type (Airbus A319), enabling performance enhancements, safety and fuel-saving benefits - a considerable achievement for such a small airline."

Certification of the new system, developed by Atlantic Airways in partnership with Quovadis, a subsidiary of manufacturer, Airbus, was achieved by the airline despite its comparatively modest resources and in the context of the immense challenge of breaking the mould of traditional regulatory thinking.

Later last year, following a trail period, the Danish aviation authorities formally gave its full approval to Atlantic Airways' bespoke system, enabling the airline's Airbus pilots to make a decision on landing at Vágar airport at a much lower height than would be possible in other aircraft.

The new system has already made it possible to avoid making a diversion from Vágar on between 15 and 20 occasions, saving both costs for the airline and significant inconvenience for passengers.

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  Notes to the Editor:
1)     Atlantic Airways was founded in 1987 and celebrates its 25th birthday later this month (March). It now operates a modern all-jet fleet of Airbus A319 and BAe RJ four-engined aircraft, seating 95 passengers.

2)     Atlantic Airways' Airbus first A319 entered service in March 2012 and is fitted with special RNP-AR navigation equipment to facilitate landings in poor visibility. Two more such aircraft will join the fleet this year.

3)     Atlantic Airways connects Faroe Island to North Atlantic destinations, Spain and Italy. The busiest route is its service from the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen.

4)     About 20 per cent of the airline's business consists of charter and ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) contracts across Europe.

5)     Atlantic Airways also operates local helicopter services within the 18 Faroe Islands, as well as holding contracts to provide air-sea and other rescue services and support to offshore oil exploration activities.


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