Voluntary Offer to the Shareholders of Atlantic Airways P/f

Publication of Offer Document

On 10 February 2014, Atlantic Airways P/f (Atlantic Airways) announced that the Company will present a voluntary offer to purchase the outstanding shares of Atlantic Airways, which are not already owned by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (The Government of the Faroe Islands), with whom Atlantic Airways is acting in concert, or by Atlantic Airways, at a rate of 4,403.28 ISK, or 210 DKK, per share with a nominal value of DKK 100.

Information on the offer has now been published in an offer document, which has been approved by the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority.

The offer document is available at the website of Atlantic Airways, www.atlantic.fo. An information letter and offer document will be sent by Atlantic Airways to all shareholders of the company, which have been registered by name (apart from shareholders resident in jurisdictions where such a distribution would contravene existing legislation or be covered by other restrictions). The offer document is also available at the company’s offices: Atlantic Airways P/f, Vágar Airport, FO-380 Sørvágur, Faroe Islands.

The offer is valid from 13 March until 22 April 2014, unless otherwise announced. Acceptance of the offer to purchase shares should be communicated to the shareholders’ custodian or stock broking company in such good time that the custodian or stock broking company may handle the acceptance prior to the expiry of the offer period. 

The Offer is not made, directly or indirectly, to Shareholders resident the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa or in any other jurisdiction in which the submission of the Offer or acceptance thereof would contravene the law of such jurisdiction or presupposes the issuance of an Offer Document, Registration or other measures than those required under Icelandic law. Neither this announcement, nor the Offer Document may be distributed to Shareholders resident in any such jurisdiction. Any Person acquiring possession of this Announcement or the Offer Document is expected and assumed to have obtained necessary information regarding any applicable restrictions personally and to undertake any measures required in order to comply with legislation in force in the country where the person is residing.

Atlantic Airways Offer Document 

For further information please contact Niels Mortensen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, on tel.: +298 21 69 28.

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