Vagar Airport and Atlantic Airways to operate duty-free store at Vagar Airport

The airport has today chosen to cooperate with Atlantic Airways P/F to form a new company to operate the duty-free store at Vagar Airport.

Atlantic Airways will own 50% of the new company’s shares.

The new company’s Board of Directors will consist of four members, two from Vagar Airport, Jákup Sverri Kass and Kitty May Ellefsen, and two from Atlantic Airways, Niels Mortensen and Marius Davidsen. Jákup Sverri Kass will be the Chairman of the Board and Marius Davidsen will in addition to his role as CFO in Atlantic Airways be the CEO of the new company.

The cooperation have a minor positive impact upon the financial outlook for 2014. Atlantic Airways will publish its Annual Report on 4 March 2014, including the financial outlook for 2014.


For further information contact:

Marius Davidsen, CFO, tel +298 213703

Atlantic Airways P/F

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