Hand luggage 

Any hand luggage brought on the trip has to be approved by the check-in staff at the departure airport prior to departure. 
Please ensure that your hand luggage does not exceed the maximum dimensions for carry ons: 50x40x25cm and with a total weight of maximum 5 kg. If the hand luggage exceeds any of these it must be checked in. 


Liquids in hand luggage

Any liquids in a hand luggage must be in containers with a maximum volume of 100 ml.
All containers must be in a transparent 1 litre plastic bag measuring no more then 20x20 cm.
The plastic bag must be removed from your hand luggage and shown separatly to airport security.


Checked in luggage

Remember to check with your tour operator how much luggage you are allowed to check-in prior to departure. No single piece of luggage must exceed the weight of 32 kg. 


If the check-in luggage exceeds the allowed amount there is an additional charge of DKK 70,00 pr/kg of excess luggage to be paid at departure for the round-trip.



If you are travelling with special luggage there will be special charges depending on type of luggage. Payment is at check-in desk at the departing airport and is valid homebound as well. It is not necessary to pre-book excess/special bagage (except skies). Please see below:


Overweight and special bagage



Max weight/size

Surfboard DKK 600,00 15 kg
Kiteboard DKK 700,00 20 kg*
Windsurfing board DKK 1.000,00 30 kg / 4 m long
Bicycles  DKK 800,00 30 kg**
Diving equipment DKK 800,00 30 kg***
Golf bags DKK 600,00 15 kg

* One single kiteboard or one bag containing kite board, sails and accessories.
** The bicycles should have their handlebars turned towards the frame and pedals removed. 
*** Scuba tank should be completely empty.

Any overweight should be paid on departure.



If you are travelling with a small child it is possible to bring one stroller free of charge. The stroller needs to be checked in as luggage. It is recommended that you buy plastic covers for the stroller to avoid any damages to the stroller during transport. 

If you check-in a stroller without plastic covers on your return trip you are responsible for ensuring that the stroller is properly packed and protected.